Usability Birds of a Feather Flock Together

I attended my first annual HIMSS Conference in 2005. I initially attended to network with other human factors professionals and was surprised that I could not find others discussing how human factors methods were being employed to improve health IT. How things have changed!

When I first got involved with HIMSS, usability was not part of the conversation. I remember I could not find anyone who was talking about how to impact the usability of a Health IT products or process. This year at HIMSS16 (February 23 – March 4) the usability conversation is prevalent and maturing as evidenced by the sessions focused on the broader context of human factors and usability applied to applications and processes. Don’t miss:

Education Sessions

  • UX in HIT: A History of How We Got To Where We Are Today
  • UX in HIT Development: Vendor Perspectives
  • Identifying Solutions for Nurses’ HIT Pain Points
  • UX Makes All the Difference for Clinicians
  • UX, ROI, and the ‘Bottom Line’
  • What Does the Evidence Tell Us About UX?
  • Creating a Shared Vision:  The Roadmap for Successful User-Centered HIT
  • UX Design: Five Steps For Designing “Healthy” Clinical Apps
  • Optimizing Drug-Dose Checking to Minimize Alert Fatigue
  • Usability Assessment of an Opioid Clinical Decision Support Tool
  • Pilot Implementation of Tablet Devices on Medical Resident Rounds
  • The Impact of Usability Issues on Non-Clinical Hospital-Based EHR Users

And if you are still at the conference on Friday at 10:30 – 11:30, Come to Lando 4201 for my presentation with Celeste Mayer and Jennifer Mauney

Shared Responsibility in Improving Alarm Safety

I can’t wait to connect with the many colleagues I have worked with (actually volunteered with) from the Usability Task Force; now the HIT Usability Community. Read how involvement in the HIMSS Usability Task Force provided me great opportunities on the Meet Our Members section of the HIMSS website. Usability birds will be flocking together. Come check out HIMSS usability and get involved!